You’ve made a choice to buy healthy food, but have you thought about the tool you are using to cook it?

When it comes to choosing the right materials for our products, we need to do our research. We need to make sure we’re getting the safest, most eco-friendly options for our family.


Why Silicone?



SILICONE (Resists degradation of sun and sea) vs PLASTIC (billions of micro fragments litter seas)

When a silicone product is disposed of and burned, it transforms back into its harmless ingredients which are: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.


SILICONE (endures for decades unchanged) vs PLASTIC (cracks, degrades, stiffens with age)

Silicone lasts longer and can thrive through certain challenges which include exposure to extreme heat and cold, severe chemicals, decontamination, rain, snow, infrared radiation, and acid rain.


SILICONE (oven-safe) vs PLASTIC (melts)

It can withstand very high heat (up to 6000Fahrenheit). If you're using silicone in cooking, you don't have to worry that it will melt when you leave it in the pot.


Due to the non-porous characteristic of silicone, it doesn't retain odors or colors when you use it for cooking of deep-colored food. This makes silicone products easier for cleaning or washing. Compared to the wooden spoon, which is porous and can harbor microbial growth, silicone utensils don’t support such growth making it safe for contact with food.


Silicone is very user-friendly when dealing with non-stick surfaces. It cannot scratch or damage non-stick cookware as wooden or metals do. This flexibility makes it as useful as the rubber spatula in scraping clean those cake batter off the mixing bowl. Cooking safety relates to having unscratched cookware. The film on pot and pan breaks down and gets into your food fusing toxin. Silicone is soft on your nonstick pans; therefore silicone is your best bet for cooking well and safely


SILICONE (insert silicone (sand) and oxygen)) VS PLASTIC (petroleum-based with estrogen-mimicking chemicals)

Silicone is a safe replacement for plastic. One clear advantage of silicone utensils is that they are seemingly very safe to use. There are no health hazards associated with the use of silicone. This is a reason the silicone is used in medicine and baby bottle nipples. Silicone does not melt or react with food or beverages or produce any hazardous fumes. Unlike other metals or plastic that might corrode when exposed to certain types of acids in food. Food grade silicone is safer and more convenient than plastic as it can bend and snap back readily without breaking.


Silicone Facts: What is silicone and what is made of?


When people say silicones are made of sand, they are not incorrect, though that’s too simplistic a description. Silica—or silicon dioxide is what they are referring to. Silica is the raw material used to make silicone resins. Beach sand is practically pure silica, as is quartz.


This is the base element that makes up silica, but silicon is not generally found in nature in this basic form. It is made by heating silica at very high temperatures with carbon in an industrial furnace.


How to test the quality of silicone products?

You can test a silicone product for chemical fillers by pinching and twisting a surface to see if any white shows through. If you see white, a filler has been used because pure silicone should not change color at all. If it has fillers, the product may not be consistently heat resistant and may fuse an odor to food. Also, you will have no idea what the filler is, and it may leach unknown chemicals into the food. For all you know, the filler may be a silicone of low quality or not silicone at all.


What Makes OUR Silicone Utensils Different?

Thre are many silicone products in the market, however, not all of them are “food grade”. The quality of silicones can vary greatly depending on the level of purification. For example, the silicones used to make computer chips are highly purified. The silicone should be high quality  "food grade. The key to being a careful consumer is to only buy high-quality silicone that’s food safe. Not all silicone is created equal.

Our Eco-Friendly silicone Utensil set made from food-grade organic silica gel which leaches no chemical. Our team tested the quality of over 20 products before we brought one to the market, you can ensure our silicone is high quality and passed the “pinching test”.


The balanced energy of our set will bring a great deal of positive Feng Shui into your home. The grey color is the perfect combination of black and white; it is the color of the surface of the earth and represents balance and compromise, but it also symbolizes peace.

The inspirational message and balanced energy on this set ” 8 Joy My Home” bring a new joyful, positive energy (chi) in your home. Add a touch of joy to your home with this unique set.


The magic starts with the LOVE of Cooking!


This year is dominated by the star of 8, and the number 8 is also Earth’s number. It stands for prosperity, infinity, and joy; it manifests the Wealth.

Start cooking all of your delicious meals with the happy declaration “I 8 Joy My Home!” is will energize thoughts to make you feel good, bringing creativity and magic to your cooking experience.


The power of thought is incredible! Affirmations are like the seeds planted in soil. Rich soil, abundant growth, happy joyful life!

Our commitment is to be a part of help to preserve Mother Earth for future generations by consuming and encouraging Eco-Friendly practices and leaving a healthy and joyful life.


We believe in offering choices that reduce society's impact on air, water, and soil now and for future generations. 

Our mission and make a step towards a Healthy, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle, by using the Safe, Non-Toxic Products. Contribute to the balance of the Universe by making wise choices. 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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