Fun Things Couples Should Do Together

When the kids aren't around, it's easy to want to sit and do nothing for a break. But your marriage can easily fall into a rut if you and your spouse don't take advantage of those stolen moments with each other. Balance your children and married life with fun things couples should do together right now to strengthen your bond with each other.

Plan a Date Night Together

Parents always welcome a spontaneous date night. But in the downtime between those spontaneous breaks away from your routine, plan a complete date night together. Date nights don't have to be expensive to be fun either. Plan a cheap date night that gets you both out of the house without having to analyze your family budget.

Exercise Together

Many of the workouts that are best for women are also good exercises for men. Team up and exercise together. Not only will you two get to spend time together, but you'll also get in better shape.

Cook Together

You know the old saying, "The couple that cooks together stays together," right? Well, break out the measuring cups and cookbook to spice things up in the kitchen. At least one night a month, you and your spouse should wait to eat dinner until the kids go to bed. Then cook your meal together and enjoy a nice quiet dinner for just the two of you. Can you get out of the house? Take a cooking class together to learn some new recipes and cooking techniques.

Redecorate Together

Make a change! Pick a room to redecorate together. It could be a room that needs to be organized and a makeover is a great motivation. Or it could be a room your family uses often and you just want to freshen up the look. Decorating the perfect room isn't about being a master interior designer. It's about the time you and your spouse spend together while working on something your whole family will enjoy.

Dance Together

May I have this dance? Play those old records (if you still have them) or put on your favorite mp3s. Ask your spouse for a dance in the kitchen. Or take your moves out on the town and hit the dance clubs.

Blog Together

You and your spouse are a great team. Try something different and blog together. Brainstorm for topics you two would enjoy co-blogging about, from your common interests to a "she said/he said" type of blog. Then work together to come up with a blog design, pick a template and start blogging.

Read a Book Together

Curl up on the couch or in bed and read a book together. Read out loud or read together quietly. Start your own private book club for the two of you. Discuss the books you're reading over coffee or your favorite meal.

Relax Together

Most guys won't jump at the chance to spend their free time at a spa. But you can convince them to have an at-home spa day where you both relax while spending time together. If he's still not into a spa day, turn on some relaxing music, dim the lights and get cozy on the couch with each other to simply unwind.

Take up New Hobbies Together

He loves video games and you would rather be scrapbooking. Find common ground and look for hobbies you would enjoy together. There could be a simple connection between your hobbies, such as birdwatching on a nature walk. He modifies his love of hunting to spying through binoculars and you take pictures of the birds you find for a special scrapbook.

Play Games Together

You probably play your fair share of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders throughout the day. Save some game time for your spouse. Whether you're hitting the Xbox together or sitting down for some face-to-face time with the best card and board games, games can be a great stress reliever, present you with plenty of moments to laugh and test your competitive spirit. Game on!

Watch TV and Movies Together

Sure, you watch TV and movies together. It's one of the simplest activities you can do at the end of another long day of kid raising. But be sure it's just the two of you in the room. No gadgets. No status updates. No sitting far apart. Sit together. Hold hands. Just as you can make TV interactive when watching with the whole family, you can do the same when it's just you and your spouse. It's also a great time to snuggle and get closer while doing something so routine as watching TV or a movie.

Review Your Life Together

You've spent a lot of years together and there are many more to come. Take some time to review your life together. Pull out old photo albums and take a look at your first pictures together. Look at where all you've been over the years together as a couple and keep flipping those pages until you reach your most recent photos together as a family.

Get Away Together

Pack your suitcase and get away for the night, weekend or a week-long trip. A romantic getaway recharges you both and gives you some quality time outside of your familiar walls. If your budget is tight, opt for a one-night excursion and place your bid on a local hotel through Priceline. If your low bid doesn't win any of the hotels in the star rating you choose, you don't pay. Give it a try for a low-cost getaway that's right around the corner from your home.

Renew Your Vows

Looking for something to do together that's a little more elaborate? Renew your vows in front of friends and family or have a private ceremony in your living room. Renewing your vows is a great reminder of the bond you two have with each other and it's also a fun way to incorporate your kids into your vow renewal ceremony.

Celebrate Together

Every day is a celebration of your marriage and family. Celebrate those moments. Mark your calendar to celebrate your first date, the date you got engaged and, of course, your wedding. But also be sure to celebrate other life moments. If your spouse gets a promotion, cook a special meal to celebrate. If you pass your annual exam with flying colors, enjoy an evening out together. We often sweep these regular life moments under the rug but celebrating them as they happen is another way to celebrate you, your spouse, your family, and the life you have together.

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