Period 8 Feng Shui

To enjoy your good fortune in 2019, you're going to need good health and some luck. In Feng Shui, good luck symbols for the happy and prosperous home include the Infinity symbol 8.

The symbol 8 is considered to be especially powerful because we are now in the so-called period 8 Feng Shui. Number eight, in general, is very lucky, as it is the number of infinity and never-ending blessings.

During 2019, to have infinity number 8 on your house items will greatly attract Joy and Positive Energy. 8 Joy My Home Kitchen Gadgets one of the options you can add to your home, as a symbol 8 believed to bring overall prosperity, fortune and wealth. You, Will, Enjoy Your Home with these useful kitchen gadgets!

The number eight is considered very auspicious number and if you wish to capture the positive energies associated with it, you can use other auspicious objects in these varying quantities, such as the example of the 8 fishes in pond or aquarium, 8 plants or decoration representing symbol 8. Many people ensure they chose a home that has at least one of these numbers in the address or phone #, while others include these numbers in their home decoration.

The concept of being auspicious and attracting happiness is found in many of the Chinese symbols that are commonplace in Feng Shui applications. Auspicious elements or symbols are typically associated with happiness.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind working with Feng Shui elements and symbols. The key to a successful Feng Shui design is the harmony and balance of the five elements within each sector of your home. Using auspicious symbols and objects should never end up creating clutter in your home or upsetting the balance of normalcy within your decor.

The kitchen is a very important room since it is where the meals that nourish your family is created. You can add a good luck charm to attract beneficial chi energy. Check out some these auspicious kitchen gadgets with simplicity and less clutter in mind:

Did you know?

Most umbrellas have eight sides

The stop sign has eight sides

There are eight planets in our Solar System.

It takes eight minutes for the sun’s light to reach the earth

The birth of the Virgin Mary is celebrated nine months later on September 8th

The Olympic Games – set to begin on 8/8/08 at 8:08 p.m. The 8/8/08 so attractive to Chinese Olympic officials is the numeral’s perfect symmetry:

it’s the only number that can be sliced in half, horizontally or vertically, with each half mirroring the other.

Are you ready for your lucky 8?

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