The Perfect Gift for Birthday and Christmas

Ask anyone who loves cooking and baking, what do they want to receive the most during Christmas or birthday? I bet a complete set of silicone kitchen utensils will put a wide smile on your loved one’s face.

8 Joy My Home is selling this amazing full set of silicone kitchen utensils at a reasonable price of only $33.88 (before the reduction is: $41.99). This set consists of a total of 23 pieces of high quality and durable kitchen utensil (gray pearl):

1. Slotted spoon

2. Serving spoon

3. Soup ladder

4. Slotted turner

5. Flat turner

6. Silicone spoon rest (bonus!)

7. Spoon spatula

8. Spatula

9. Pasta server

10. Tongs

11. Basting brush

12. Whisk

13. Ten Measuring cups and spoons (bonus!)

Not only that, but you will also get a utensils holder (bonus!) to organize the utensils in your kitchen.

Choosing which kitchen utensil depends on several factors: material, varieties, and durability. In terms of materials, these 23 Silicone Utensil Set – Grey Pearl are made from food grade approved silicone which can withstand high temperature (up to 572 °F). It is important to consider this factor to protect our family from eating toxins from melting plastic. Another advantage of choosing silicone material is its ability to prevent scratched pans issues when cooking.

By having a complete set of everything-you-ever-need when cooking will help you to love cooking even more. You do not have to waste time getting these utensils from different places as now you can purchase all at one go. This set is a hassle-free and time saving an excellent deal. When you have all you need, then you can also experience how it feels to be like a professional chef, cooking without creating a mess from buried kitchen gadgets. You can even invite your guests over to watch how you cook as you will feel more confident to cook when you know you have all the utensils ready in the kitchen at where they are supposed to be.

On top of that, if you are someone who practices an environmental-friendly concept, you will surely choose this set of silicone utensils for they are made from durable and lasting material which can withstand high temperature. Also, the wooden handles are made from premium eco-friendly beechwood - stronger and more durable than bamboo. These wooden handles have a smooth and comfortable feel because beech wood consists of natural oil that gives them natural water resistance.

Lastly, are they dishwasher safe? Unfortunately, no, they are not. It is best to wash them conventionally by hands to protect these lovely utensils from damage. In an exchange with all the above benefits, it is definitely worth the effort and time to wash these utensils to make sure they could stay in your kitchen longer.

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