Books. I buy books to read, books to decorate with, and even books that are falling apart. The pages can be used for other projects or illustrations pulled out to frame. And speaking of frames…

Frames. Most of the frames in my house have come from thrift stores. I use them as they were intended, to hold photos, or for other purposes, like displaying jewelry. You can also turn them into inspiration boards, chalkboards, magnet boards, or bulletin boards. I like to paint the more ornate ones.

Seasonal Decor. Much of my holiday decor has also been bought at thrift stores. Sometimes I get it so cheap I buy it before the holiday and then donate it after! Furniture. We’ve bought kitchen and dining tables, end tables, china cabinets, chairs, and even a couch at thrift stores.

Salt and Pepper Shakers. I buy salt and pepper shakers all the time for 25-50 cents. The only time I’ve ever paid more than $1 is for some really fancy crystal shakers. I turn them into ornaments, necklaces, and more.

Dishes. Especially vintage dishes! My hubby loves brown drip pottery so that’s one of the things I’m always looking for. Do some research…

Glasses, Cups, Mugs. As long as they don’t have chips or cracks these can be washed and even bleached before you use them. Or plant some succulents in them!

Leather Belts. Buy them to wear but don’t pass up old worn out belts either. They can be made into bracelets or used as straps on totes or bags.

Candlesticks. I think I see candlesticks every time I go to the thrift store. Glass, metal, wood, ceramic, silver… just about any material you can think of. Think outside the box for these, too. Don’t just use them for candles. You can glue plates or pie tins on top to make your own cake or cookie display. You can see some below that I’ve used to display jewelry.

Toys. If they have a hard surface that can be bleached. Or vintage toys that can be cleaned but they won’t be played with by kids.

Tools. I don’t really look for tools anymore since I don’t have a garage to store them in. Look for power tools, hand tools, and garden tools.

Mirrors. I love finding good mirrors to makeover

Baskets. I see baskets in just about every thrift store I go to, also. And did you know that they’re super easy to paint?

Wood Trays. These are really cheap at thrift stores and so helpful to have in the kitchen, coffee table, bathroom, or craft room for rounding up smaller items.

Costum Jewelry. I buy lots of old jewelry, even (or ESPECIALLY) if it’s broken. You can usually get it really cheap. Often a whole jar full for $5-20.

Vases. I don’t think I’ve EVER bought a new vase. And remember that glass can be painted.

Napkin Rings. Sometimes I find these in good shape. Other times I buy them to update with paint, beads, or fabric.

Cast Iron. This seems to be getting harder to find. At least in our area. But there’s nothing like cooking with cast iron. And most of it can be cleaned if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease!

Casserole Dishes and Pie Plates. I buy pie plates and tins all year long so when my hubby goes on his baking spree at Christmas we can give pies away without worrying about getting the dishes back. Same with the casseroles. Send a meal over to a family in need and tell them to just keep the dish or pass it along to someone else.

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